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MarketDelta Trading Execution Room

Join and watch as a veteran CBOT member trades live right in front of you. The trading room is meant for anyone who wants to learn more about risk management, trade management, and learn to better apply MarketDelta and Footprint chart trading concepts.

Concepts Learned in the MD Trading Room

No matter what trading style you might of adapted or market you trade these two concepts are common denominators of every professional trader!  And no one else teaches them.

Market Relationships - How to find value by comparing and contrasting certain markets on a chart.

You wouldn’t buy a car from a dealership w/out comparing it to other dealerships would you?

Then why would you trade market, that have price attached to them, w/out comparing them to others.

Order Flow -  How to use the Footprint to locate important buyers and sellers and specifically using MarketDelta to read order flow and judge market direction to find trading opportunities.

Most traders will analyze charts to death, and what they are doing is using only the past to help them predict the future therefore neglecting the present!

Order Flow is the present.

Stop-Loss - Learning how to mechanically find buy/sell stops, where other traders are taking losses

Remember it’s not about being right it’s about figuring out where others are wrong.

What To Expect

IMD Indicator: This indicator (priced at $199) shows Inter-Market Divergences to room attendees and is a key part of what the moderator discusses.

Live trades: executed real time implementing the above 3 learned techniques.

Alert Levels and Nightly Emails: With tomorrow’s areas of support/resistance developed by Anthony using his Order Flow techniques.

Webinar Library: Access to private, recorded, and ongoing live sessions w/ Anthony explaining these concepts in detail then trading them live in the room.

Who is Anthony

  • Anthony Drager is a Chicago Board Of Trade member 1999-present
  • 12 year electronic proprietary trader: Prop Firm 2000-2007, Independent 2007-present
  • Exchanges Anthony has traded on: EUREX, CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX 1999-present
  • CBOT floor trader Dow Futures 1999-2000
  • CME Group Arbritrage Clerk EuroDollar complex: 1996-1999
  • Anthony has a unique blend of floor experience and 12 years of screen trading. That along with his ability to convey what he does in real time allows members to truly feel like they are…in the market.

Room Details

  • The MarketDelta Trading Room is a two and a half hour live trading and educational event each day from U.S. market open (8:00AM to 10:30AM CT) to the European close.
  • Cost: $99/month and billed separately from your MarketDelta subscription using the button below.
  • Upon subscribing you will receive an email within a few hours that contains instructions for accessing the room.

Cancellations: The trading room subscription can be cancelled at any time by logging into you Paypal and cancelling the recurring payment. There are no refunds for un-used days.


  • Do I need to subscribe to MarketDelta in join the room. ANSWER: No, anyone may join the room.