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"I just wanted to say I've been really impressed with your software. I spent a lot of time setting up various indicators on MarketDelta and they have given me great insight into what the market is doing."

- Martin -- Miami, FL

"Love the @MarketDelta foot-print chart, best way to visualize the tape!"

- @eminiplayer via Twitter

"I love the simplicity of everything with MD..the room, the
guys..everything is so simple and honest..never found anywhere..I am
going to be a long term subscriber.."

Gary K., -- Australia

"I thank you for a great charting solution. My only regret is not discovering MD sooner!."

- Andy B. -- Tampa, FL

"I love MarketDelta...I would not trade without it!!!"

- Walter -- Hawaii

"without a doubt the education you provide in this room has been the most
valuable. Learning how to actually EXECUTE the edge has been game changing
for me"

Joshua J., -- Florida

"I can't say how IMPRESSED I am with the reliability of your software. 48 hours of market insanity and not a hickup! DTN/IQFeed is my provider. Thank you for your product!"

- David T, -- Florida

"I just listened to the webinar you presented on "weaknesses". Absolutely brilliant!
Seriously, you are one of the best educators I have ever come across in any field and I am saying this as one who has several post graduate degrees.

I truly believe you could teach about anything you set your mind to.
So here's a shout out for a job well-done. "

Paul B., -- Ohio

"You are changing lives and saving careers in Trading Room. Many thanks
once again Anthony."

Gaurav K., -- Australia

"Once again, thank you for such fantastic support. "

- Greg W. -- Texas

"Thanks for your software! Unbelievable would be the only way I could describe it!"

- Russell C. -- Australia

"MarketDelta is the last hope of the manual trader....It's the only way we can compete with the algorithms....I would be out of business if it wasn't for MarketDelta"

- Scott P. -- Chicago

"...this type of trading is so profoundly different but very eye opening as
to how pro's like you trade. MD gives me an even deeper level of insight with DOM trading and intermarket relationships."

Patrick C., -- Hawaii

"With the help and tools of Market Delta, I have erased every trading loss I ever had and am now able to trade with confidence and profitability.  Market Delta is without question the most insightful trading tool available, period."

Daniel S., -- Virginia

"Your product is fantastic, wouldn't be able to trade without it. "

- Joseph C. -- London

"I've searched and searched for something to assist me in reading the market... I feel I've struck gold! Thanks again."

Benny E., -- New Mexico

"Don't like to chime in too much, but I want you to know that I think this trading room with you at the helm is flat-out outstanding! Simply the best."

Paul B., -- Ohio

"You guys have a great team over there... you guys went above
& beyond to get the issue resolved, I truly appreciate that. I can tell
that we're going to have a long & successful business relationship.."

Chris P., -- New Hampshire

"You are the most refreshingly honest trader I've ever had the pleasure of watching. I really appreciate that you show all your trades, including the occasional bad one."

John M., -- MO

Your product has transformed my trading. I COULD NOT be more satisfied with the service/support I have received.

"Thanks for the quick response; I am blown away @ how quick you guys follow up..."

- Ray D. -- Denver, Colorado

"Anthony - Timing my entries, using the method taught here has been amazingly successful. My timing has actually improved! There's real value in what you're teaching, and I want you to hear that from me personally."

Eric G, -- California

"...I trade at a proprietary trading office...I have found MarketDelta to be the most valuable tool I use to give me an edge in the markets."

- Anonymous. -- Australia

MarketDelta Indicator Store

The custom studies for purchase were created by us and leverage our experience and knowledge of price, volume, and the tendencies we have seen over time through observing the Footprint® and other charts.

Professional edition is required to run any of these indicators because RTL is required.

Inter-Market Divergence (IMD) $499 One-time fee
Delta Divergence Hi and Low Only
Example: Hi and Low only
$399 One-time fee
Delta Divergence Hi and Low Only - Spot Forex
Article: Forex Order Flow Analysis
$399 One-time fee
Delta Divergence Outside 1 Std Dev VWAP Hi/Low Only
Example: Delta Divergence Overview
$399 One-time fee
Entire Delta Divergence Bundle 
(Complete set of 3)
$799 One-time fee
Other custom signals and indicators can be downloaded here and here. Once imported, you may need to change the symbol. If the description contains "Pro", then Professional or higher edition is required.

How to use chart definitions.


The bottom row provides links to pages with lots of custom built charts we have put together. These serve as a great resource to see some of the capabilities within the software.  They are all FREE and can be instantly downloaded by right clicking the chart and saving to your computer. In MarketDelta® click File > Open > Definition. Once imported just change the symbol.



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