Trading From The Charts is Now In MD Cloud

Posted in MarketDelta Cloud, News by Trevor Harnett on May 3, 2016

We are excited to announce you can now trade right from the chart in MarketDelta Cloud! This has been one of our top requested features and we have made it slick and easy to use, just like the rest of the app.

Benefits of Trading From the Chart

  • Easily place orders at support and resistance levels.
  • Drag and drop orders anywhere on the chart.
  • Familiar trading interface
  • Profit targets, stop loss, and bracket orders supported.

trade from chart

Trade from the charts can be used stand alone or alongside a DOM (depth of market). Orders can be place anywhere within the app and then modified on the chart.

OCO’s can be added to orders already placed, making it easy to manage orders already working in the market. Watch our video to learn more!

Mini-Nikkei 225 Futures Now Available on MarketDelta Cloud

Posted in MarketDelta Cloud, News by Trevor Harnett on April 19, 2016

MarketDelta Cloud is excited to announce Asia’s Most Liquid Futures Contract (Mini-Nikkei 225) is now available for Live Trading.

nikkei futures

Mini-Nikkei 225 is the most liquid equity index futures contracts in Asia. The notional value of one contract is 100 times the value of the Nikkei 225. It is a tenth of the contract size of Nikkei 225 Large Contracts.

The daily trading volume of the mini-Nikkei 225 is very close to the ES (Emini SP500) and the liquidity is very good as well.

Contact your broker and ask them to enable your live account for the mini-Nikkei 225 which trades on the Osaka Exchange (JPX).

Contract Details

MD Cloud Symbol:  MJNK (For example – MJNKM6)

Trading Hours:  Open 7pm CST (Chicago) – Closes 1:10am CST (Chicago)
After Hours (Asia Night Session) Re-opens 2:30am CST until 12:55pm CST

Tick Value:  1 Tick = 500 YEN or approx. $4.56 USD at today’s exchange rate.

The PnL shown in MD Cloud is YEN. So you would need to do the conversion to understand how many dollars your profit or loss would be. For instance, a realized PnL of 25000 Yen would be $228 USD at today’s rate.

Ways to Trade

Because this contract is based in Japan, its primary session is during the Asian open. That is evening hours here in the US, so anyone who works a full day could come home, have dinner, and then trade the primary session of the Nikkei 225 for a couple of hours during its busiest time.

Another way to trade it would be alongside Europe or the US morning session as a hedge or simple a correlated market to the other primary stock index futures.

This really looks like a great contact to trade with all the liquidity and price swings it offers. Good Trading!

MarketDelta Cloud Walk Through

Posted in MarketDelta Cloud by Trevor Harnett on April 11, 2016

There are always new features and functionality going into MD Cloud but we wanted to provide at least a quick walk through of the features and functionality to date.  This video touches on each major feature within the app and gives you a quick idea of how to use it. Enjoy!

White Label Your Own Trading Platform

Posted in MarketDelta Cloud, News by Trevor Harnett on March 10, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the ability for brokers and FCM’s to white label MarketDelta Cloud! In less than a week (start to finish) we can custom tailor the solution for you and provide:

  • Web/Cloud based solution with your brand and logo.
  • Branded signon page for clients.
  • A web form for your website where clients can register and be using your app in 60 seconds. It uses the same slick signup we use at 
  • Broker Dashboard for you to track usage and success.

white label Your brand here


Branded Sign-On Page

white label login page

Having your own trading software and brand helps keep clients longer.

  • No software fees for your clients.
  • Free demo to clients.
  • No setup; clients just login. 

Regardless of whether you choose to create your own branded solution or not, MD Cloud will always be available to you and your clients.

We want to help you grow your brokerage! Give us a call today at 1.312.922.7800 or learn more here.

MarketDelta on!

Posted in News by Trevor Harnett on January 27, 2016

We’re famous! Well not really, but we are one of the most popular trading broadcasters on Periscope. We broadcast each weekday at 8AM CT and provide a short market overview of what to expect and any important news items to lookout for. Each “scope” lasts 3 – 10 mins.

Our goal with Periscope is to provide timely and relevant trading content.

We Will Broadcast

  • Regular 8AM CT daily morning briefing
  • Impromptu teachable trading setups we see develop
  • Impromptu pre and post news event analysis
  • Nuggets of trading wisdom and experiences

What Is Periscope?

  • Periscope is an easy way to broadcast live video from your phone. We use it to broadcast ourselves and different charts.
  • When you follow someone you can get push notifications (optional) on your phone when they go live and broadcast so you can watch and/or participate in real time.

How Do I Follow Someone?

  • Install the Periscope app on your smartphone and/or tablet.
  • Once installed, open the Periscope app and click the People icon in bottom right corner.
  • Search “MarketDelta” from the people screen and follow us by clicking the add button. That’s it! You will now be notified when we broadcast!




You can watch recordings we have done in the last 24 hours at

To learn more about Periscope visit this page:

To see another Periscope tutorial by wikihow visit here.

DOM Triggered Stops in MarketDelta Cloud

Posted in MarketDelta Cloud, User Tips by Trevor Harnett on January 15, 2016

DOM triggered stop orders are synthetic orders which work on the server and monitor the inside market (best bid and best ask) and only let your stop be triggered if a certain quantity available is left to trade. This prevents you from so easily “being stopped out” when just a few contracts trade at the stop price.

Instead, a certain threshold is set so that the market can trade at your stop price but won’t be triggered until the quantity remaining decreases to a value you set.

MarketDelta Cloud includes this functionality for free in its online futures trading platform. Get a demo of it at To learn more about the specific of DOM Triggered Stops, read on or watch this video.

The stop order is only activated if the Inside Market Threshold is met. The Inside Market Threshold is the value you set for bid or ask quantity of the inside market. When the inside market is less than or equal to the Inside Market Threshold the stop order will be triggered.

So there are 2 parameters to set for DTSP. The distance in ticks the stop order gets placed and the inside market DOM threshold. Ex. The Stop amount is 10 and the amount in parenthesis is 100. This would submit the DSTP order 10 ticks from entry AND then require the inside market (best bid or best ask) become a value less than 100. DOM triggered stops are fully synthetic and supported on all Exchanges.

DSTP – DOM Triggered Stop – DOM triggered stop orders behave like a stop order but do not trigger until the bid or ask quantity is less than or equal to the Inside Market Threshold which you set. So there are 2 parameters to set for DTSP. The distance in ticks the stop order gets place and the inside market DOM threshold. Ex. The Stop amount is 10 and the amount in parenthesis is 100. This would submit the DSTP order 10 ticks from entry AND then require the inside market (best bid or best ask) become a value less than 100. DOM triggered stops are fully synthetic and supported on all Exchanges.

DTSTP – DOM Triggered Trailing Stop – The same in all respects to DSTP orders but these also have a trailing component which behaves exactly like the TSTP order.

Learn more by visiting this article in our knowledge base.

MarketDelta Cloud Platform Update

Posted in MarketDelta Cloud, News by Trevor Harnett on January 12, 2016

We just pushed out an awesome update to MarketDelta Cloud. Here is a short list of the primary new features and enhancements.

  • New signup and login page – besides just having the social sign on buttons, you can now register with any email address.
  • ATOM (Automated Order Management Strategies) – Now you can create bracket orders! All orders are worked server side for assurance and speed. Watch this video for a brief overview of the power of ATOM’s.
  • Stop Order Strategies – ATOM has various stop order strategies, including trailing stop, DOM triggered stop, and DOM triggered trailing stops.
  • DOM Updates – Lots of you had fantastic feedback on the behavior of the DOM, so we reworked it based on your suggestions. This short video captures the highlights. Oh…drag and drop is coming soon for the DOM! 🙂
  • Drawing Tools  – Lots of drawing tools are now available on the charts. Fib retracements, extensions, trend lines, crosshairs, and much more.
  • New Chart Types – Heikin-Ashi, Kagi, Line Break, Point & Figure, Range Bars, and Renko. There will be a lot more improvements coming soon on these as well!


FuturesRadio Interview with Trevor Harnett – Podcast

Posted in Footprint® Chart, News, Trading Education by Trevor Harnett on November 13, 2015

Yesterday I had the privilege of being interviewed by Anthony Crudele, host of FuturesRadio. FuturesRadio is a podcast focused on the futures industry. Listen as I tell the brief story behind MarketDelta, how the footprint chart came about and a unique way to apply it, and then where I see technology leading traders over the next few years.

Mini-DAX Futures Now Available to Trade!

Posted in News by Trevor Harnett on October 29, 2015

This week Eurex Group launched a mini-Dax futures contract that is 1/5th the size of the “big” Dax (FDAX) contract. We expect this contract to catch on very well with retail traders because of the volatility it offers and the smaller contract size resulting in less margin required to trade it.

Symbol: FDXM
Tick Increment: 1 index point, as opposed to 0.5 index point for “big” Dax contract.
Tick Value: €5 per index point.

Eurex has registered market makers that are providing liquidity and judging by the depth of market from MarketDelta Cloud it already has people trading it. Contact your broker to get enabled to trade the mini-Dax!

mini dax dom

New Website and Loads More Training Content

Posted in News, Trading Education by Trevor Harnett on October 27, 2015

The Edge trader education and training program has grown so exponentially that we created additional Tracks.

For example, Track 4 has 35 sixty to ninety minute coaching sessions. These classes are done live each week, and then uploaded into Track 4 for convenient access.

Track 5 has dozens and dozens of 2 minute clips of distinct trading set ups. In here, we SHOW you what to look for instead of just telling you.

Finally Track 6, is a bonus team room. This team room is unlike anything in the educational space. We connect Edge members to each other in a “virtual office” of like minded traders.

Learn more at and check out the new website!

Watch our NEW promo video!