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"Love the @MarketDelta foot-print chart, best way to visualize the tape!"

- @eminiplayer via Twitter

"With the help and tools of Market Delta, I have erased every trading loss I ever had and am now able to trade with confidence and profitability.  Market Delta is without question the most insightful trading tool available, period."

Daniel S., -- Virginia

"I can't say how IMPRESSED I am with the reliability of your software. 48 hours of market insanity and not a hickup! DTN/IQFeed is my provider. Thank you for your product!"

- David T, -- Florida

"You are the most refreshingly honest trader I've ever had the pleasure of watching. I really appreciate that you show all your trades, including the occasional bad one."

John M., -- MO

"Your product is fantastic, wouldn't be able to trade without it. "

- Joseph C. -- London

"I love MarketDelta...I would not trade without it!!!"

- Walter -- Hawaii

"MarketDelta is the last hope of the manual trader....It's the only way we can compete with the algorithms....I would be out of business if it wasn't for MarketDelta"

- Scott P. -- Chicago

"Anthony - Timing my entries, using the method taught here has been amazingly successful. My timing has actually improved! There's real value in what you're teaching, and I want you to hear that from me personally."

Eric G, -- California

"You guys have a great team over there... you guys went above
& beyond to get the issue resolved, I truly appreciate that. I can tell
that we're going to have a long & successful business relationship.."

Chris P., -- New Hampshire

"I love the simplicity of everything with MD..the room, the
guys..everything is so simple and honest..never found anywhere..I am
going to be a long term subscriber.."

Gary K., -- Australia

"...this type of trading is so profoundly different but very eye opening as
to how pro's like you trade. MD gives me an even deeper level of insight with DOM trading and intermarket relationships."

Patrick C., -- Hawaii

"without a doubt the education you provide in this room has been the most
valuable. Learning how to actually EXECUTE the edge has been game changing
for me"

Joshua J., -- Florida

Your product has transformed my trading. I COULD NOT be more satisfied with the service/support I have received.

"Thanks for the quick response; I am blown away @ how quick you guys follow up..."

- Ray D. -- Denver, Colorado

"I thank you for a great charting solution. My only regret is not discovering MD sooner!."

- Andy B. -- Tampa, FL

"I just wanted to say I've been really impressed with your software. I spent a lot of time setting up various indicators on MarketDelta and they have given me great insight into what the market is doing."

- Martin -- Miami, FL

"Once again, thank you for such fantastic support. "

- Greg W. -- Texas

"I've searched and searched for something to assist me in reading the market... I feel I've struck gold! Thanks again."

Benny E., -- New Mexico

"I just listened to the webinar you presented on "weaknesses". Absolutely brilliant!
Seriously, you are one of the best educators I have ever come across in any field and I am saying this as one who has several post graduate degrees.

I truly believe you could teach about anything you set your mind to.
So here's a shout out for a job well-done. "

Paul B., -- Ohio

"Don't like to chime in too much, but I want you to know that I think this trading room with you at the helm is flat-out outstanding! Simply the best."

Paul B., -- Ohio

"...I trade at a proprietary trading office...I have found MarketDelta to be the most valuable tool I use to give me an edge in the markets."

- Anonymous. -- Australia

"You are changing lives and saving careers in Trading Room. Many thanks
once again Anthony."

Gaurav K., -- Australia

"Thanks for your software! Unbelievable would be the only way I could describe it!"

- Russell C. -- Australia


Below is just a sample of what our enthusiastic customer have had to say about our products and outstanding support. We love your comments as much as you love being a customer! Keep'em coming!

"I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for making a truly excellent product. I have had amazing success using Market Delta and the support is also top notch which is important for any company.

For me it all started with the idea that In order to really succeed at trading, I needed to be on the right side of the market at the right time. This lead me to discover Market Delta which gave me the tools to support my trading style.


Richard C., -- Oregon

"I just listened to the webinar you presented on "weaknesses". Absolutely brilliant!
Seriously, you are one of the best educators I have ever come across in any field and I am saying this as one who has several post graduate degrees.

I truly believe you could teach about anything you set your mind to.
So here's a shout out for a job well-done. "

Paul B., -- Ohio

"I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I am learning from
the trade room and watching the footprint. This is real value you are
teaching and now with the footprint I can begin to refine my style and
technique. I can't tell you how excited I am because I am actually
learning, not wasting time with some bogus system or some other junk these
pundits throw out here.."

James B., -- Philadelphia

"Today is my 5th day with you (Anthony - MD Trading Room) and my second email to you to say thanks! The market has been open for 90 minutes and I have made 7 winning trades in a row. I have never had this kind of success for 5 days in a row, my win ratio is well over 90%, and my losses are so small its not worth mention.

I have spent several years trying to find the best charts and indicators, spent countless thousands on guru traders and only lost money!

I look forward to learning more and just as a footnote… stress levels are fast changing for the better!"

Ken S., -- British Columbia

"I am only here for a week or so..and I can say that this is best education I've ever found on trading...still a newbee..but I can see the light at the end of tunnel... :)."


"Anthony, this is awesome, seeing how you buy when they are trapped. In my previous contra trend trading I would never know where to take a good shot so I would end up averaging down and getting killed. Its amazing how you use the footprint for entries. Starting to make sense for me more and more."


I love MarketDelta. Thanks for all your great service over the years.

Peter G.

Thank you for taking the time and efforts to help traders with your extensive experience and perspective. Watching you trade is like watching an artist at work. Many thanks again for your professionalism and the team at Market Delta. I will need a month just absorb all the information learned in your great trading room.

Charles R.

I see the price action in a different light after spending some time in the room. I think that what you do in the room is invaluable and unique.


I want to say to you thanks for theses months of learning many things and the real stuff of art of trading and get so much for your experiences!! You are the best teacher I've met.

Clement -- Arizona

I have really enjoyed the room and your videos! My objective in subscribing was to take less heat on my entries for my swing trades. As I have noted in the room our entries are many times within ticks or minutes of each other. The room is so impressive with raw and true market commentary... thanks for putting yourself out there!

David M. -- Tennesse

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I know that many people have said this before, but now from a Russian trader (that lost already 300000 eur, trying to find right tools and money manegment) I can say that your software is something, it really helps, I found some very helpful things, that I am planing to use in real fund, which I hope to open this year.

Igor -- Russia

I really appreciate the integrity of your analysis and sharing your opinions. You don't "hold back" anything. You just share it. It is what it is. I have learned more in a week than I have learned in a year trying to understand the "markets" by myself.

Brian M.

Even though I am not a room guy your education is spot on no matter what time frame you trade.


This has been a great experience for me. You are clearly a top notch trader. Your insights on the market have been invaluable. 1) Pay attention to correlated / non-correlated markets. 2) Trade larger size with smaller profit targets. 3) Don't take large losses or risks. You have created a completely professional, real-time trading room. I appreciate the no - BS commentary and accountability that you put out there every day.

Steve S.

The room allows one to see the motivations that drive other traders decisons and hence make mine easier.

Paul H.

The room has helped me learn how the prop traders trade; how professionals manage their trades. Trading can be a lonely business, and unless you have traded it is difficult to know what traders go through day in day out - so the room provides the only contact, for many, with other like minded people.

Anthony R.

Your refernce to the open and leaning on the low or highs to moves has been a big help to me.

Jeff S.

Having someone with Footprint chart experience to help me see the things that are there that I didn't even know were there has been a big help in my trading.

Chris K.

The benefit of the room for me has been absolute clarity about where I should get out and why.

Janelle S.

The biggest thing is the mentatility that you DON'T and even shouldn't have to take lots of heat. The reality that you only have to take 2 ticks of heat has changed my trading altogether.

Brian G.

I genuinely feel that I have learned more about the most important market moving aspects of trading in the last two weeks following you, then I have in the last 2 years jumping from trading room to room! So many "trainers" simply focus on pushing their indicators, it's so refreshing to be able to hear from someone who teaches regardless if members have Market Delta or not.

Dan J.

It has only been a few days, but at last I can start to see some sense in whats happening in the ES


"There is something quite unique about trading the ladder right next to the makes execution decisions that much quicker and also clearer to see."

- Kam Dhadwar of L2ST -- London

I have been using the Market Delta Trader and I have been very impressed. It is a fantastic, intuitive product and I have no problem recommending it.

Trey L. -- Austin

"I’ve been trading since 1998. I’ve been teaching classes in Semainars/Webinars and coaching for some 12 years. In excess of 1,000 sessions. I’m also a bit of a junkie. I like to attend seminars/webinars. After a while you learn to tell quality presentations from the boiler-plate stuff geared to sell rather than to teach.

Your class is a breath of fresh air. You teach concepts. People missing your presentations, unless they’re getting the concepts and materials from someone else will seriously miss the tools necessary to correctly access not where the market has been, but where it is going and WHY it’s going there.

Market Delta, Footprints, Volume Profiling, Market Profiling and Simplicity. Getting all that in one package…priceless."

- Mike B. -- Utah

"My experience with MarketDelta software quality far exceeds my experience with other packages. Keep up the great work."

- David M. -- Texas

"24 hour support. Definitely a happy customer."

- Andrea C. -- London

"Your customer service is as responsive as I have ever seen."

- Ed O. -- Illinois

"I can't believe I have been trading without MD. Thank YOU."

- James P. -- Chicago

"I am so happy to have a great product and great support."

- Vladimir A. -- Canada

"Thank you for your fine service and great product."

- James F. -- Canada

"I have only been using your software for a little over a month, but my entries are remarkably better because of MarketDelta. You often say "make a great day", and I am able to because I use your software."

- Chris O. -- Arizona

"I can't say how IMPRESSED I am with the reliability of your software. 48 hours of market insanity and not a hickup! DTN/IQFeed is my provider. Thank you for your product!"

- David T. -- Florida

"But most of all, nothing out there compares to your software an no one provides the level of service you guys do. I'll be using MarketDelta until I stop trading"

- Marc -- Quebec

"I trade about 75k to 100k contracts a month on STIRS, bonds, etc and I am lost without the Footprint® chart. Great product!"

- Anonymous -- Sydney, Australia

"Thanks again for creating Market Delta. This is really a brilliant masterpiece that just keeps getting better. Market Delta Rocks!"

- Scott -- Las Vegas

"I think Market Delta is an awesome tool. I've been trading for 6 years and just found about it. I use Tradeguider, which is volume spread analysis. With it, you still don't know the make up of the volume and who is in control or whats going on until you see action after the volume. Market Delta takes it to another level!"

- Will R. -- Texas

"I REALLY wanted to let you know that Market Delta is a fantastic product and the support team is fantastic too. Learning from Market Delta has meant the difference between success and failure as a trader - so I thank you very sincerely. One day I will come over to the US and take everyone out to Dinner - I promise!"

- Peter O. -- Australia

"I thank you for a great charting solution. My only regret is not discovering MD sooner!"

- Andy B. -- Tampa, FL

"You have the best service that I have ever seen anywhere on the net."

- John G. -- North Carolina

"I am very satisfied with the MarketDelta software, best charting package I have used and I would recommend it to everyone!"

- Jimmy -- Belgium

"I have found MarketDelta to be the most valuable tool I use to give me an edge in the markets I trade.  I trade at a proprietary trading office in Australia and feel the Footprint chart provides me enough of an edge that I don't want to share it with others in the office. I don't like the others in the office to see it!"

- Anonymous -- Australia

"I have used MarketDelta and I really like it. It has everything I am looking for. What I really like is: order flow and total delta between certain timeframes. It has been giving me great insight in the dealings between the buyers and sellers. More often than not, the order flows are very valuable to my decision makings.!"

- Roger -- Texas

"I love MarketDelta...I would not trade without it!!!"

- Walter -- Hawaii

"The MarketDelta Footprint is superb. I just love how the colors jump out at you. Also the custom volume / price indicators provide the most in depth real time analysis of market conditions I have ever seen. MarketDelta charts are the best."

- Jean -- Chicago

"I am signing up...!! where has this software been all my life????!!!!!"

- Matt -- Calgary

"Some things really change the way we transact our day, cell phones, fax machines, internet. Market Delta FootPrint and Market Profile charts changed the way I viewed market information and the thought of doing without them is distressing. The price has never been an issue for me, I consider the service to be an exceptional value."

- Marc -- Quebec

"Hello. Love the market delta program...just brilliant work here."

- Scott -- Las Vegas

"I must say - your service is truly remarkable. I have not seen anything as thorough or laid out as well, ever. Bravo."

- Larry K. -- Arizona

"Your software is great for seeing the edge of the market."

- Don B. -- Louisiana

"Thanks for all your help, you guys are amazing in your customer service. Brian was very patient and helpful."

- Jay T. -- Canada

"Thanks for your software! Unbelievable would be the only way I could describe it!"

- Russell C. -- Australia

"I just wanted to let you know I am extremely encouraged by the performance of the MarketDelta platform.  It is fantastic to be able to get away from traditional charting platforms and in particular candlestick and bar charts.  I haven't used indicators in my charting for years as I found them after considerable research a total waste of time.

I learned to read price action itself and everything I have done since is based around price, but trying to trade based on price using candlesticks is extremely difficult.  As you have stated in some of your writings the footprint chart allows one to see inside the bar.  The significance and the importance of this statement cannot be overstated.

For the past four days I have concentrated on three charts 5000 delta 3500 delta and the 10 price.  Assessing these three charts together provided me with a wonderful insight to what was taking place at any given time in the market.  I can assure you after thousands of hours of research and trading I have never come across anything that fits my style of trading so well. I'm feeling more confident than ever about MarketDelta."

- Raymond Q. -- Ireland

"You deserve a knighthood for developing MarketDelta software. Absolutely fantastic!"

- Sam R. -- United Kingdom

"I just wanted to let you know that I’m beginning to get a feel for your Footprints & love them.  I’m beginning to build my confidence up w/ reading the market through the Footprints & can definitely see an edge in doing so.  I don’t think I’ll be able to trade the market w/o your software.  Thank you for your help."

- Justin A. -- Ohio

"Thank you for dedicating so much time and effort toward putting such a useful product in the hands of traders like myself. There are so many products out on the market today that don't deliver. Marketdelta on the other hand goes above and beyond to deliver one of the best products on the market.

I have been trading full time for over 7 years and I also market tools to help traders hit their peak performance. I feel Marketdelta is a tool everytrader needs to see."

- Greg H. -- Texas

"I had wanted to let you know since I first discovered Market Delta, and I apologize for not doing so, but as a former open outcry trader I can honestly say that your system is about the closest I have come to true market transparency since being in a pit. I do believe it can be a very useful addition to any traders arsenal"

- Damian H. -- United Kingdom

"I first came across MD through Brett Steenbarger's book, although it wasn't until I actually saw the tutorials on your website that I realized how powerful a tool it was. To my mind, it's modern day tape reading, which is just fantastic.

One of the best things it offers, at least to me, is the ability to readily see what kind of market we're in via the volume bell curve. That was always something I had struggled with in the past - determining when a market was trending vs rotating. With that new insight, my trading strategy is always matched to the conditions.

Being able to monitor the delta/volume numbers towards the edge of a volume bell curve is a wonderful insight to have. I'm also very fond of the cumulative delta number.

To be frank, Market Delta has enabled me to become a consistently profitable trader. I'm not at all surprised you have such an extensive institutional clientelle, it's a very valuable tool!"

- Sam -- United Kingdom

"I've become a big fan of CQG's TradeFlow study since it was introduced and MarketDelta seems to be like TradeFlow on steroids."

- Scott S. -- Georgia

"Just wanted to let you know that this is the first day of using the trial. Your product is great. It makes support/resistance/pivot trading so much easier. It takes all the work out of simulataneously trying to integrate and remember what is happening with the tape, volume and price.

I initially started learning to trade a few years ago and was at breakeven, However had to stop to pay the bills... Just starting up again now. If I would have had this tool then I know that I would have been doing very well. It gives me the exact information that I was missing.

So, I will paper trade using your tool for a while longer, then get started. Thanks for doing such a great job!!

- Andy -- Chicago

"Wow. Your software is a trip. It reminds me of discovering candlesticks and the time and sales! Seeing the auction process like this is ridiculously amazing. No matter how close I've watched the Time and Sales, it never provided the depth of the Footprint. It feels like you just gave me my 1st Atari game console in 1980!"

- Scott G. -- California

"I am (unfortunately) well versed in all the NONSENSICAL programs/indicators out there, so just imagine my delight when a friend told me about your site a few days ago. My friend didn't "get it" right away (he was told about it by a trader using it), but I did possibly because one of the valid things I have studied is Market Profile. Two minutes after opening your website I said, "This is like Market Profile to the TENTH power!" The free trial has already improved my trading in just 2-days of use. The Footprint even kept me out of a nasty ER short when I saw the buyers jumping out of their shoes to nail the offer. Whoa, I CXL'd that limit sell Johnny-on-the-spot and didn't lose a cent. I like that part - A LOT."

- Dan O. -- Chicago

"I am thristing for a volume tool to help out with range bar and P&F (point and figure) analysis. This may be that tool. I have had a back ground in the Wyckoff Methodology and this MarketDelta® visual will help support our price action and volume analysis. I look forward to learnig this excellent tool."

- Jeff G. -- California

"I traded at the CBOT for 20 years scalping in the 30 year Bond pit. I have since been trading off the floor, on a screen, for the last five years. I related very much to one of your clients testimonials. Since being off the floor, I have lost that edge of sight, sound and intensity. If their is a way to regain some of that by using your product, then their may still be hope in saving a 25 year trading career. I have always felt that volume and price action along with who and how it is being traded, is the key to trading off the floor. Unfortunately, I have tried several products and wasted much to much money on indicators and software that were not even close. I have gone over your website and can honestly say, I have not seen anything even close to this."

- Larry G. -- Chicago

"I got it all up an running today and watched many of your online video's. This seems to be what I have been looking for as a final confirmation tool. I have been keenly interested in volume and bid/ask pressure. This lets you see right through volume structure. It helped me avoid two trades and see when to take two other trades."

- Blair C. -- British Columbia

"Just wanted to express my appreciation for bringing MarketDelta to market. I've been looking for its functionality literally for years. It truly is an important innovation especially for daytraders. Its ease of use, flexibility in tailoring the settings as well as the clarity of its displays are excellent. That said, what is most significant by far is the positive effect MD is having on my trading. You talk about MD enabling a better "feel" for the market's action. For me, (and I'm still in the early stages of tapping MD's potential) this "feel" has already translated into more confidence and better timing on my entries, less anxiety in staying in my trades, and better results on exits whether it's in cutting my losses or increasing my profits."

- Bob A. -- Toronto

"MarketDelta is just about the most amazing tool I have ever used. As a former floor trader, I was used to gauging the speed and direction of a price move by observing volume. Large and knowledgeable institutional traders are often the first to act in anticipation of big move and on the floor I could see it all...both the intensity and extensity of these traders buying and selling. Since the electronic medium is anonymous and "spoofing" is so common these days, a tool like MarketDelta™ has proved to be of invaluable help. I am able to gauge the same patterns and feel that I had from the floor using this most amazing program. If you are a tick trader or scalper, you gotta have to have this incredible piece of software."

- Gerard C. -- Singapore

"Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how thankful I am for your product. I have been position trading the Australian and European markets for some years now and MarketDelta has opened a new dimension for me in terms of execution. Basically, MD has allowed me to zone in on those sweet entry and exit points, which the traditional order book and course of sales helped with but never got me as tight as MD has managed."

- Ray K. -- Sydney

"Your software enables me to "look under the hood" of market action in a way I hadn't imagined possible before I stumbled onto your website. Imagine — a few weeks ago, I'd never heard of Market Delta. Now, I won't place a trade without it"

- Peter O. - Massachusetts